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Articles from Corra Group

Recent Articles from Corra Group, a leading provider of background checks and employment screening services.

Don't let your hiring practices turn into your Maginot Line

By Gordon Basichis. 
  Without Pre-Employment Background Checks, All the Security Precautions in the World May Amount to Nothing.  MORE >
  Criminal Records - the background of your employment screening program
By Gordon Basichis. 
  Your background screening policy is incomplete with criminal records searches MORE >
  The HR Challenge: - Inquire Within and Without
By Gordon Basichis. 
  Just Because you are desperate to hire, overlooking your candidate's Red Flags can be a costly mistake  MORE >
  Would you Lie On Your Resume?
By Ann Beahr 
  How many times have you heard someone say, "Just put it on your resume. There's no way they're going to find out"?  MORE >